Rent a car, limo, RV...



Below is a list of comopanies, doing business in San Francisco and Bay area airports.



364 O’Farrel Street

2500 Mason Street, Sheraton Fishermans Wharf

Their website



1600 Mission Street (Civic Center)

320 O’Farrel, Bush

750 Bush Street (Union Square)

687 Folsom Street (Convention center)

Their website 


City Rent a Car.

You can drop off your car @ SFO thanks to their Fasttrak affiliation.

1433 Bush street

Their website



821 Howard Street

5 Embarcadero Center, Hyatt Regency

495 Bay Street (Fishermans Wharf)

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675 Post Street (Union Square)

500 Beach Street (Fishermans Wharf)

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495 Geary bd (Richmond District) -- 498 Winston drive (Sunset) -2001 Market (Castro) -- 1600 Mission -- 550 Turk -- 1395 Van Ness -- 312 8th street (SOMA) -- 222 Mason street (Union Square) -- 350 Beach street (Fishermans Wharf) -- 717 Folsom street (Moscone Center)

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3928 Geary bd -- 840 Ellis street -- 241 10th street -- 550 O'Farrell street -- 325 Mason street -- 500 Post street, J.W. Marriott -- 335 Powell, Westin St Francis -- 950 mason street, Fairmount Hotel -- 55 4th street, Marriott Marquis -- 500 Beach street (Fisherman's Wharf)

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You can also check on tourist websites which display rates comparisons depending on your requirements.


EXPEDIA --        


KAYAK --             



Short list with the most famous of them. Keep in mind that Kayak does even compare specialized websites between eachother. That should make it to find the best deal!



Another thing you should know...

Triple A members get the advantage of exckusive deals.

Check their website to find them!

AAA website




Car rental concept has been changing a lot in the past few years coping with new economical and environmental constraints, and adapting itself to them. Which leads to short term (even very short term) rental that arose and throve.





Based on a very simple and basic idea... Why should we bother (and meanwhile spend money accordingly) having a car while we only need it from time to time?


City Car Share

City CarShare is a nonprofit organization that launched car sharing in the San Francisco Bay area in 2001. There are cars available for hourly use at all times of day. Members pay a membership fee and usage charges based on amount of time used, distance driven, time of day, and vehicle type. City car share fleet includes Hybrid vehicles (like Toyota Prius), Smart Cars, Subarus, Mini Coopers,  even pick up trucks, wheelchai accessible vans... They have been selected for fuel efficiency with low emissions ratings.


Membership does include maintenance, gas and insurance. Becoming a member, you get an electronic key giving access to all the vehicles of the fleet. In the end, you just have to bring the car back to its initial spot.


Vehicles are parked on their PODs (point of departure), that you can easily check an find on the company website.

Leur Their website

Consult rates and plans.




Hard to compare them. At the first sight, rates seem a bit more expensive, but both offers look quite alike.

The fleet is possibly wider (officially 70 models) with some kind of "luxury" cars. Each vehicle has got a "home location" (street spot, driveway or a public parking) easy to find on their website.

How does it work? Quite funny short movie to know everything about the way it works.

Check the rates





Club Sportiva

Lamborghini, Ferrari & co... Top luxury cars. System based on a membership to get access to those little jewels.

Their website


City Rent a Car

Not only outstanding cars. However, they put forward their luxury models. Call them "exotic cars", exotic as in fancy and trendy.

You will have to give a call to get rates for the most "exotic" cars.

To give you a hint... a Mini Cooper is around 80$ a day.

Their website





Buzz Rentals

Used to rent Vespas, but there have been Insurance issues in California. Once fixed, they'll get back to the business.

Also offer Smart cars. Another category, but why not?

Their website


Dubbelju Motorcycles Rentals

Very good reputation. On Bryant Street. It's all about motorcycles... which means you'll find Harleys.

Their website



Motos, scooters, Crosscountry (aka dirty bikes) and Quads.

Multilingual website. They are doing business all over the world or something like that. So, indulge yourself here in SF or anywhere else.

488 8th Street

(415) 503 1900

Their website.


Spyder rentals

Located in Alameda (on the other side of the Bay Bridge).

What are Spyders... they're 3 wheels motorcycles. But this simple description is not up to their looking. Simply go and check the pictures and have fun!

(877) 518 1444

Check their website.


Thunder Road Motorsports

SF address has been shut down as a consequence to the economic crisis...

US motorcycle rentals went on with the business. But it is now located in Concord. May be of great interest for passionate people.

Check their website.


Route 66 Motorcycles.

Appealing website even if you don't know anything about motorcycles. Sounds and looks like a french guy.

960 Anza Street.

Check their website.




Rent an RV and drive along desert endless roads, Joshua trees and cactus forming like a guard of honor...

Quite an experience not so very far from SF!!


Lost campers.

Vans, RVs…

2955 3rd Street

Prices are quite seasonal, makes totally sense.

Their website.


El Monte.

Top famous. Some kind of market benchmark. They're doing business a bit everywhere. You don't necessarily have to rent them starting from SF. You can also pick them in Vegas for instance.

111 Mason Street

Check their website.


Cruise America.

As much famous. Wide network. Compare rates and prices according to your requirements. They offer "Hot Deals" that could influence your trip plans and organization. Pick up in Oakland.

Their website.





To get an idea regarding rates and prices, you'd better call and tell your specific expectations.

Companies look quite alike and offer the same kind of services.

Their addresses are displayed here and in the Taxis category as well, considering that they almost always offer an airport shuttle service. Most of the time, they also offer Napa Valley and Wine country tours.



C & M Limousines & Transportation Services

Check their website.


SF Town Limo -- Their website

Onyx Limos -- Their website

Abiano -- Their website

Giant Reef LimoTheir website

Regency Limousines CompanyTheir website


Red Tie Transportation

Good reputation, apparently based on their professionalism.

Their website is not as much glamorous as some others. Red tie, flawless service, here is their claim!

Their website.






Most of the regular rental companies offer trucks as well.

Here is a short selection of more specialized companies.


Coast Truck Rental

Very good reputation. Wide choice and affordable rates.
2955 3rd St

Check their website


U- Haul 

Market benchmark. Well known for their super competitive rates.

Their website


Penske Truck Rental

Very good reputation.

630 Cesar Chavez -- (between Maryland St & Michigan St)

Their website