An Art Show inspired by Daft Punk

@ the Gaunlet Gallery

May 18 - June 16, 2013

Don't even try to escape the Daft Punk wave!




For months now, everybody has been talking about them: these 2 French guys... everybody knows them but nobody would reckongnize them in the street. What a "tour de force"! It's brilliant.



For months, the release of their new album  is advertised with a "humongous" marketing teaser. They play hide and seek, were announced for a short time in the line up of Coachella... So here it is, the album Random Access Memories finally got released and already created the biggest musical event of the year.


But still... no concert has been scheduled.

So, we advise you another experience...






Buy Random Access Memories, put your headset on your ears and head for the Gauntlet Gallery on Larkin. Listen to the whole album while admiring the artwork of 40 artists who got inspired by the Daft Punk musical and visual realm. We recommend Giovanni Giorfio and his surreal introduction speech!




The exhibit will last until June 16 and will be then taken to LA for a one night pop up exhibit on June 27th. It is going to be packed!





@ the Gauntlet Gallery

1040 Larkin Street

May 18 - June 16, 2013