Exploded Views by Jim Campbell


Until 23 octobre

SFMoma celebrates San Francisco-based artist Jim Campbell since November 2011 with his matrix,  part sculpture, part cinematic screen, that illuminates the Haas Atrium.


Thousands of computer-controlled LED spheres create the illusion of fleeting shadowlike figures: flock of birds, walking people, box fight... The result is amazing. When you go down the main stairs, make a stop and let the poetry and the magic of this silent and ethereal work of art charm your imagination.


His collaboration with the renowned choreographer Alonzo King kicks off Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s year-long 30th anniversary, producing a visionary sound, dance and light show at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts starting October 19 until October 28. Alonzo King Lines Ballet - Fall 2012