San Francisco’s cultural diversity celebrated on Market Street. June 11th - September 8th.

Starting June 11, you will be able to admire Paul Madonna’s poetic and shimmering drawings on Market Street.


In honor of the San Francisco Arts Commission's 80th anniversary, the renowned artist draw six original posters that showcase the artistic diversity of the city. "Each of Mr. Madonna's posters is a love letter to San Francisco's unique landscape and culture," said Director of Cultural Affairs Tom DeCaigny.


Who is Paul Madonna? Writer and cartoonist, he became famous for his strips "All over coffee" published weekly in the San Francisco Chronicle and He captures the essence of San Francisco by combining beautiful ink drawings and everyday stories. His strips invite us to discover new architectural wonders or every nook and cranny. Words, as for them, plunge us into the misfortunes, joys, absurdities and laughs of the citizens.


In 2007 the first book collection of "All over coffee" was published by City Lights Books, and the second collection, "Everything Is Its Own Reward", was released in April 2011 and won The Northern California Book Award's special Recognition Award as one of the best works by a Northern California author published in 2011. By the way, a free app offers an interactive version of select pieces from the new book.


We love,

....this drawing of Grant Street, which is one of the six posters on Market Street. Playing with the colors, the shadows and the perspective, Paul Madonna celebrates the vitality and extravagance of Chinatown.





 ...this sketch from the collection "All ove coffee" he drew last February at Embarcadero. With simple  pictures and words, poetry prevails.





Keep your eyes wide open : you never know, you might one day meet Paul Madonna sketching San Francisco's amazing landscapes in your street!



Paul Madonna's Posters Series

Market between 8th Street and the Embarcadero

From June 11 through September 28, 2012. 

For more information:

Paul Madonna website 

The San Francisco Arts Commission


Images: courtesy of SFAC


Contributor: Justine Aurian for LostinSF.