Our "coup de cœur" for Outerlands

In the far and ''sometimes'' chilly Outer Sunset, there is an ideal spot, within the confines of San Francisco, that we really love. 

Outerlands, kind of a shelter from chilly wind or dazzling sun, is located almost at the end of Judah, a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. The neighborhood is a hipster-trendy area of SF and a surfers’ den... which is probably one of the reasons the vibe is so cool.


The food is simple yet delicious: open faced sandwiches, fresh salads and soups made of organic ingredients … and a fantastic to-die-for crusty house baked levain bread you can actually buy by the loaf. The staff is warm and friendly and the inside decor made of beautiful driftwood  is great and cozy.  


Great for a brunch or a lunch, but also perfect for a dinner with some good friends. Basicall y, our advise would be... order a bit of everything, share and then sigh of pleasure. Just add one of those amazing cocktails described on the board, and that's for sure... you won't want to leave anylonger! 

Now you know where to end up next time you go for a walk on Ocean Beach!


Btw, ''coup de coeur'' is like a huge ''crush'', but you had already guessed!



4001 Judah street

Tuesday - Saturday : lunch 11am-3pm and dinner 6-10pm

Brunch on Sundays (get there early on week-ends so you can put your name on the list).


Photos Eric Wolfinger www.ericwolfinger.com./