By the dance company Carte Blanche

@ Fort Mason

April 4 - 14, 2013

A friend of ours advised us to take a closer look at this coming show.



He had the opportunity to see it, really loved it, found the sound track inspired and inspiring... he simply wanted to share his experience with us. Thank you so much!


We love that kind of recommendations. We right away contacted Charline and Marie, the two foounders of the Company. Charline was kind enough to answer some of our questions. She tells you in a few words their nice story, Ophelia, their inspiration...



First of all, can you tell us a little bit about the company and its history.


Marie Plouviez and myself founded  Carte Blanche a year ago. We met each other in streets of San Francisco, an we knew right away that we wanted to work together. We are both French theater projessionals, and founding our own theater company together was an obvious first step.

Starting a theater company here in San Francisco came from an artistic will to create a cultural fusion between our home country and the States.


Ophelia? How did you get inspired?


Ophelia came to us relatively late in the creative process. I wanted to write a show about my immigration to the United States, and Marie had just left France. It was the perfect context for creating the story. Ophelia truly came to us through the work of the 19th century poet, Arthur Rimbaud, and then by Shakespeare, of course. She’s a character who became obvious to us throughout the creation process.


You know, during Shakespeare’s time, women were not allowed on stage, so the author’s would full-heartedly avoid writing feminine roles. Therefore, when Shakespeare wrote a feminine role, it was because he had no other choice: the character NEEDED to be a woman. It’s for that reason that the feminine characters are so strong and universal in the Shakespearean universe.


Our show tells the story of a strong woman, on a quest for her identity, a myth so universal that everyone can identify with. Marie Plouviez is an incredible actress who after finishing her studies at the French National Theater School, has brought a fresh perspective and strength to the character which warrants such an adaptation.






Why did you choose to set the stage at Fort Mason Center?


When we started to write the show a year ago, we imagined it at Fort Mason Center. Even as we wrote and created our first version of the show in a small Japanese theater, we were dreaming of the ambiance of Fort Mason Center.

It’s a an extraordinary location. All of the old buildings surrounded by fog, the 3 piers with their view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge… The idea of taking a beautiful stroll while using all of this space as a place for creation… it’s a dream come true!



What makes Ophelia a must-see show?


I think that was truly makes the difference with this show, is the fact that it is a walk through experience.

The audience will follow the performers across the Fort Mason Campus. They will embark on a great interactive journey, and I can tell you that there are more than a few surprises! It’s an experience that I feel is more of an adventure than a show. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a fusion between French social theater themes and the deus ex machina feeling of american productions.



We wish them as much as success (end even more) as they met for their former performances at NOHspace and The Garage.


And because we are in SF, because the show is taking place at Fort Mason, because it is from time to time outdoor... our best piece of advise... forget the dress code and dress appropriately.





by Carte Blanche

@ Fort Mason

April 4,6,7,11,13 &14

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