Partner article - Your kid's favorite's cuddly toy's safety is so essential. Clearly, family's peacefulness and tranquility do rely on it! The French team behind OLIBA's launching knows about that.



This cuddly toy commonly called ''doudou'' in French has some specificities, which are...



A doudou lives a dangerous life. Always on the verge of being lost or left behind.



A doudou is kind of irreplaceable. That's what makes it the favorite one among all the possible favorites.



A doudou is not only for young kids. It can last rather long like even beyong teenage time.



A doudou is simply your kid's BFF. It is also yours when you think of all the peacefullness and calming it can bring to a whole family.






With OLIBA, you won't leave ''doudou'' behind...

Oliba is a super hero for parents because it keeps an eye on the cuddly toy for them. The Oliba App helps parents to locate the cuddly and makes sure they don’t forget it anywhere while on the go. Think of all the desperate doudous waiting for their owners in airlines Lost and Found services!



OLIBA, the quardian of your kids's nights...

Oliba is a magic super hero for kids because it protects their dreams. Oliba glows in the night, frightennig nightmares and taming the monsters that live under the bed. It tells great stories and sings lullabies to calm kids and help them falling asleep. Parents can set up all the content with the app : the songs, the tales and even record their own ones (not implemented yet). Once the settings stored in Oliba, kids can activate Oliba manually, without requiring any phone. So yes, it can work on its own at the kindergarten or at the grandparent’s place.



You will be able to pre-order Oliba as soon as November 10, 2015 through the Indiegogo campaign launched by the French brand. To learn more about the campaign and pre-order your Oliba at a preferential price, click here.



Sweet dreams, good night!




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