Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

March 14-24, 2013

For its 42nd annual spring season, ODC/Dance Downtown 2013 will feature three world premieres.



We had the chance to see Transit: Next Stop and Lifesaving Maneuvers.

In the first one, you should love the music, the clips that turn the stage into a virtual and surreal world, and the bicycles! The second one should charm you with its humour, its sensuality, its feminity and its music from Ennio Morricone to the Beatles influences will surprise you.

That's all we'll say. Go and see by yourself!



The 3 choreographies that premiere at the YBCA...

Lifesaving Maneuvers by ODC Founder and Artistic Director Brenda Way set to an original score by Jay Cloidt.

Two if by Sea, a duet by ODC Associate Choreographer Kimi Okada.

Triangulating Euclid, an unprecedented collaboration between Way, Nelson, and New York-based choreographer Kate Weare.



Way's Lifesaving Maneuvers, by turns humorous and darkly evocative, reflects on the human capacity to endure. Created for the full company and set to an original commissioned score by celebrated composer Jay Cloidt, Lifesaving Maneuvers is structured as a series of chapters investigating the things we do to survive - from the sly or invisible to the sensational.



Okada's Two If By Sea, a duet for dancers Jeremy Smith and Vanessa Thiessen, explores the mystery of the signs a couple uses to communicate. We all have our codes, from the tug of an ear to the lift of an eyebrow to the talking drums that speak across Africa. This rhythmic, physical duet unveils the power of hidden or overt signals in our lives.



Way and Nelson team up with acclaimed New York-based choreographer Kate Weare for Triangulating Euclid, an unprecedented collaboration designed to shake up their creative processes and explore new territory. The inspiration for this work came from a rare original edition of Euclid's Elements, perhaps the most influential work in the history of mathematics. This highly physical and emotive piece moves from the formal elegance of geometry to its human implication: from triangles to threesomes, from lines to connections, from the page to the heart. Weare, raised in San Francisco, formed the Kate Weare Dance Company in New York in 2005. Way and Nelson were drawn to Weare for her insightful explorations of human emotion and her visceral choreographic physicality.





Nelson's Transit: Next Stop is a new production of her celebrated 2012 work, Transit. Incorporating hand-drawn film clips by visual artist Barry Steele, three extraordinary custom-built bicycles by mechanical engineer and artist Max Chen, and a restless score by Nico Muhly, Transit: Next Stop celebrates the chaotic pulse of our urban centers - where high and low technology exist side-by-side - walking, biking, and high-speed transit. San Francisco Chronicle dance critic Mary Ellen Hunt praised the 2012 work for it's "lovely flashes that any urban dweller will recognize - that instant when you find yourself moving in unconscious synchrony with a crowd, or when you turn to a total stranger to share a particularly surprising moment."


Two additional works by ODC round out the season. Way's Breathing Underwater, which premiered to great acclaim last year, is a dance for four women set to live music by popular avant-cellist and composer Zoë Keating, well known for using a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of sound.

Nelson's 2012 work Cut Out Guy, nominated for two Isadora Duncan awards, is a work for five male dancers exploring the fierceness and fragility of men and featuring music by experimental composer Ben Frost.


ODC/Dance's company of dancers includes Anne Zivolich, Yayoi Kambara, Corey Brady, Jeremy Smith, Vanessa Thiessen, Dennis Adams, Justin Andrews, Natasha Adorlee Johnson, Maggie Stack and Justin Liu.




ODC/Dance Downtown 2013

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Lam Research Theater, 700 Howard Street

March 14-24, 2013

Each evening alternates programs A & B 

Program A

Cut Out Guy (2012)

Breathing Underwater (2012), 

Lifesaving Maneuvers (World premiere)

Program B

Transit: Next Stop (2013), 

Two if by Sea (World premiere)

Triangulating Euclid (World premiere), 


*Opening Night Gala

Lifesaving Maneuvers (World premiere), 

Transit: Next Stop.


Performance Tickets: $15-$75

Buy tickets to both programs, see all three world premieres, and enjoy 25% off ticket purchase.

Tickets are available by calling 415-978-ARTS (2787) or online at www.odcdance.org.