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We invite you to a movie, Heritages at the TLF with the director Philippe Aractingi. To win your tickets, here is the link to check.








It is Thanksgiving! Holiday season can start! As well as the season of deals, of trees, of good deeds and the season of... ladybugs! Let us give you some details.


Deals season is on! Be ready for a crazy Black Friday. Some apps that could make your life way easier.







That is exactly what it is, a quite practical guide to help you through the Holiday season ahead of us.



Let's start with an invitation! LostinSF is delighted to invite you to La Soirée, the event organized by the French American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco. Probably the most entertaining and biggest French-American networking event in the Bay Area. To participate and win 2 tickets, click here.

It is happening between Paris and SF, it happened in Paris and it is going to be in SF, it will happen in Paris and it begins here! It is all about food, arts, exhibits, concerts, dance shows... it is taking place in SF and we love it! So let's tell you our story of the week and slightly beyond.


French Cinema (is really) Now! The Festival will open tonight at the Vogue Theatre for 4 days and 11 movies. LostinSF invites you to the movie you want to see. To participate, click here.





One should not get bored for the next few days! 


It's Halloween, we want a parade!! The SF Giants managed to have one sheduled for Friday! So thoughtful of them. Thank you! The SF Giants Parade.







October is always so busy with concerts, festivals, movies, the Fleet Week, Halloween... one would easily lose his head. So here are some things you should not miss this week end and we even tried to anticipate for the coming ones.



Let's talk about movies, shows, planes, kids fashion and... animals sexual life:-)


You could choose to go and see the great French actor Francis Perrin performing at the Theatre of the Lycee Français his latest play Molière malgré moi, Challenging but tempting... and English supertitles should definitely be helpful, shouldn't they?



Thank you so very much for all your messages. It was so nice to read or hear from you! Your support definitely made it easier for us to get back to work.


So, here we are, to give you ideas about restaurants, kids stuff, fashion, movies, concerts... hoping it will inspire you.



Let's start with a restaurant... with a view. 

For this coming weekend, we selected the best spots in San Francisco to celebrate both of them!




Let's start with music. Play, listen, enjoy, share, dance, sing... International Music Day is coming. Actually, we'd rather call it a weekend, a week, a year! SF is all about music. This weekend, find the best spots to follow it!

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