Week end is about to start. Here is our selection of 9 great things to do this week end. Hope it helps!








It is a rather dense issue talking about movies, concerts, exhibitions, real estate, sports... so many things to read, to discover, to look into. It is happening in San Francisco or around and we like it! #foodforthought #entertainment #welovesf

We are delighted to offer you 2 tickets to Gad Elmaleh's show at the Bimbo's 365 Club on February 5, 2015.





To enter and try to win, simply answer the following question.


In 2013, Gad Elmaleh performed two nights in a row at the Bimbo. Sold out shows! Do you remember the exact dates? Let us know by email. 


Foie Gras, French restaurants, French movies, French Artists, stunning SF view points and some sales. It is the program of our newsletter.




We were going to send you our best wishes, share Holiday memories, inquire about yours, talk about resolutions... when the awful tragedy happened in Paris at Charlie Hebdo's. Sad, amoral, shocking, implacable, spine-chilling.

Overwhelmed by the emotion and the sadness, we had no idea how we were going to start again with our easy-going, entertaining news.

We heard today that the French humorist Gad Elmaleh would be in town soon. So we are coming back with a good laugh. Sounds like a good start to us!



LostinSF is taking a break until next year. So, before we leave, we tried to organizeyours.


 What could be one conversation with your child in the next few days...

- Mom!! What are we going to do today?

- No worries sweetheart. Everything is in LostinSF Holidays with the kids calendar.






LostinSF offers you presents and helps you make gifts! We invite you to read, to watch movies, to go and see the Nutcracker, we help you for your Holiday shopping to make your life a bit easier.



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