Le Marché on Fourth, Juliette Binoche, Les Parisiennes, Her, Manera

Le Marché on Fourth, Juliette Binoche, Les Parisiennes, Her, Manera... 



On May Fourth,

we went to Le Marché on Fourth

We like symbols... and it allowed us to take a look for you. Check our favorites  > Le Marché on Fourth on May 5 and 6 in Berkeley  



Let the Sunshine in

The movie with Juliette Binoche opens in San Francisco and Berkeley. You won't say you did not know...

> Let the Sunshine in opens in San Francisco and Berkeley




A Girls night in Paris... First Pop-up Sale of pre-loved Parisian clothes, selected by Les Parisiennes, Karen and Géraldine.

> Les Parisiennes in SF: their story, their style, their event.



Victor Solf, on his own on stage,

for Her, in San Franciso

The story of Her, the French duo formed by Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier is a tragic story, and yet a beautiful and powerful one, filled with and built on art, music, friendship, life and respect. Victor Solf will perform in San Francisco on May 12, at the Cafe du Nord.

> Her in San Francisco at the Café de la Gare.






The wind has been pretty strong lately. Kiters' favorite season has started. In Sausalito, at the Manera's store, you will meet a great bunch of experts!

Nico, Bruce, Germain and Bill, 4 guys with a common passion for water. Let us introduce the magic team!