Let's talk about movies, shows, planes, kids fashion and... animals sexual life:-)


You could choose to go and see the great French actor Francis Perrin performing at the Theatre of the Lycee Français his latest play Molière malgré moi, Challenging but tempting... and English supertitles should definitely be helpful, shouldn't they?





A movie?... Rather more than 50 movies actually? The Arab Film Festival is going to take place for almost 2 weeks in SF and the Bay Area. Grand Opening is at the Castro Theatre on Friday night!






Last... but ''so not'' least!!! What about a Green Porno at the Regency for Sunday night? Isabella Rossellini is such an amazing and disconcerting artist. You are intrigued? We are too!






Win tickets for each of these events! We are so glad to invite you! Just take your chance, share and enjoy! To participate, click here.






In the meantime, you definitely will go and watch the planes, high in the sky, over San Francisco... Last year was a year off. The Fleet week and its Blue Angels are back! Grab your cameras and smile!






The event and its pilots outfits most probably influenced us for our fashion disgression... It is all about jumpsuits for the kids this coming season. Let us show you and give some clues and variations.