Useful Addresses


1377 Fell Street, SF

1500 Sullivan Avenue, Daly City, CA‎

75 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA‎

5300 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, CA‎


We'll give you a clue... Just take an appointment, otherwise you could be stuck in line for quite a long time.


DMV can become such a maze that there are some websites to help you find your way.




Below is a list of comopanies, doing business in San Francisco and Bay area airports.



364 O’Farrel Street

2500 Mason Street, Sheraton Fishermans Wharf

Their website



1600 Mission Street (Civic Center)

320 O’Farrel, Bush

750 Bush Street (Union Square)

Here are some links to ferries companies websites.

Commuting or tourism purposes...

No worries. Don't expect a boring endless list of useless addresses...

Here is a concise and targeted piece of information...

A website...

helping you to find the cheapest station in your neighborhood. 

By these days... makes totally sense!



Golden Gate Bridge -- The website

Toll rates


Its majesty, the Golden Gate Bridge is undoubtedly out of the ordinary, and not only on a visual point of view.

But another reason to have its own website!!




Keatley Detail

4 service options from 30$ to 450$, from a regular one (a bit more expensive than competitors but most probably top qualitative) to the overall cleaning like when you plan to sell your car.

Free pick up and delivery, galerie d’artistes…

Sophistication and some kond of luxury are their motos.

840 Harrison Street (SOMA)

Their website<

Recommending a garage is a tough task. It sounds as complicated as recommending a doctor or a dentist. Basically, it is a question of personal experience.


Here is a selection of some addresses, based on their specialties and reputation.





Good to know: you will find an auto body repair (24th, Cole, 9th Street...) in most of the neighborhoods.


Karry's Auto Body Center

For ECO reasons (ECOnomic - like in financial reasons - and ECOlogical - like in environmental friendly), carpooling is a very popular sport in San Francisco.


Websites to know to avoid getting lost...

General websites to find and select a cardealer


Edmunds -- Their website

Easy browsing through brandnames.


Automotive -- Their website


Intermet Autoguide -- Read more


There are 3 cable cars lines: 2 of them starting from Powell-Market running alongside Hyde on the one hand, Mason on the other hand. And another one along California (from Financial district - Van Ness avenue).

5$ per ride; tickets available on sale on board or at the Powell ''turn around'' (right in front of the Gap store). Cable cars belong to the MUNI network; so, regular passes work as well.

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