Useful Addresses

Here are the infornation regarding the Bilingual French-American Schools in the Bay Area:


In San Francisco :


Lycée Français de San Francisco

2 campuses in SF:

1201 Ortega Street - 6th to 12th grade

755 Ashbury Street - Pre-k to 5th grade

100 Ebbtide Avenue, Sausalito - Pre-K to 5th grade



French American International School

(Lycée International Franco Américain)

150 Oak Street, San Francisco

Most schools offer tutoring in their afterschool programs. Just check with the institution you attend.


French Tutoring:


French Education in the Bay Area

A non profit association launched in 2009 a new program, called ''French Education in the Bay Area''.

EFBA offers French classes to french speaking kids in some public schools throughout the Bay area. For more information.


On the one hand, we can't put online the names of our favorite babysitters, and not only to keep our own precious little secrets...

On the other hand, one's choice is based on so many different expectations  and parameters (kids ages, how many of them, the neighborhood, the language, day or night time...)...


So, here is a bunch of websites offering nannies services or babysitting that could be helpful in your Grail quest...




Financial and legal information:



Read more about financial and legal information

The website displays small ads for Au Pair jobs..

You will also find specific information regarding the rules and conditions to observe in the United States.





 - French Immersion



In San Francisco



Au P’tit Monde

Some websites to help you to understand the system and eventually choose an institution:


Great Schools

Rankings from preschools to high schools.

Helpful tool wether you make the decision to try the SF loterie or

move in the Bay area, spoting your neighborhood according to the best rated schools.

Check the website


San Francisco Unified School District

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