The Virgin Megastore closed, shot down by the economic crisis... Another history page that sadly got turned over!


Music is certainly easily accessible (sometimes, it is even too simple...)

For our favorite singers from France, Germany, Spain..., Amazon is the most convenient  and effective way to buy their CDs. Yet, some local stores make a point of offering a pretty wide range of music styles, not only including British Pop music.



Music stores (CDs and sometimes LPs, 45s, 78s...) - new and used:

Recycled records

For collectors and passionate people.

1377 Haight

Their website



Haight's landmark. They have music from all over the world on display. New and second hand records and DVDs. Take a jaunt, just for the pleasure and the experience of the place.

1855 Haight street


Aquarius Records

Way smaller than Amoeba. Exclusive selection for aficionados.

1055 Valencia

Their website


Streetlight records

Buy sell trade.

2350 Market

Their website


Rasputin Music

Those who really love this place, say there is no other one like it anywhere!

69 Powell street

Their website


Groove Merchant Records

687 Haight

Their website



1797 Market – No website.

Super attractive window on Market. You can't miss it.


101 Music

LPs and used CGs.

1414 Grant avenue