More Fatter, a local band with a French twist: a nice music story in SF

2 years ago, we told you about More Fatter for one of their concerts at the Boom Boom Room. Since then, they have been composing, playing, performing, editing, releasing... We tell you more about what happens next.


At the time, a friend of ours contacted us to mention this local jazz/funk band with a French twist. They were going to perform at Slim's, as the opening act of Tribal Theory. Our friend shared that 2 brothers of the band moved here from France with their family several years ago, like many other families in the Bay Area. Fast Forward to 2016, and we can enjoy their dynamic energy on stage. She loves that the band creates engaging music full of both brains and heart, but admits she is biased because they come from local towns around and finds it inspiring that they are realizing their longtime childhood dream of forming a band.


They keep on believing in their dream and working for it. They released a single in January and 2 EPs are on the way.


They will be on stage in a near future in 2 of our favorite music venues in SF, which are the Rickshaw Stop and the Independent. And last but not least... they dream of going to the High Sierra Music Festiva early July. And for that part of their dream, you can be helpful.


They have been selected as finalists in a vote that is occuring now and until 1pm Friday, April 12. Time matters. Check the following link (>> to get a glimpse at their music, and if you like its sweet jazz-funk style, don't hesitate to vote on both Facebook and Instagram to support them, and make it happen, it being their participation to the Festival.





@ the Rickshaw Stop le 18 avril 2019

@ the Independent le 27 juin 2019