Mommy, celebrated at Cannes and yet neglected by the Academy for the Oscars, is coming to San Francisco. We did fall in love for Xavier Dolan. Let us tell you why.



Xavier Dolan, the young (and still for many, many years) French Canadian actor-director, is simply amazing. You did not expect us to repeat what you already read many times. But... really, the guy is amazing!


Barely 25 years old, the face of an angel and a filmography of a cinema veteran. Since ''I killed my mother'', Xavier Dolan astounded everybody the public and the critics, with his musical, multicolored, gorgeous, imaginary, fantasy, moving, extrovert, exuberant, rhythmic, cadenced realm.


Mommy is his latest movie and it was presented at the Cannes Festival in 2014 where Xavier Dolan received the Jury Prize (also attributed to Jean Luc Godard for Adieu au Langage). The symbol is huge with a prize rewarding the youngest and the oldest directors of the Festival at the same time. The speech Xavier Dolan gave when Jane Campion announced he won is overwhelming.




Mommy! The trailer will most certainly leave you speechless, breathless, stunned, knocked down. Anne Dorval and Suzanne Clément have been accompanying Xavier Dolan from the start. They owe him intense and gorgeous women parts. Check the trailer and run to the Theater in San Francisco or San Rafael, starting January 30, 2015.




You should also know that I killed my mother and Laurence Anyways are available on streaming on Netflix. Don't miss them! We just watched them and we can't wait for Mommy to be released.


I killed my mother, the trailer...



Laurence Anyways...




To finish here, let's mention that Quebec cinema is such a treasure chest that regularly offers genuine gems. If you have not seen C.R.A.Z.Y. by Jean Marc Vallée (who also directed since then the amazing Dallas Buyers Club), run! 


You will need the ''closed captions'', actually everybody does, to understand everything. But these movies would not be the same without their special melody.




By Xavier Dolan

Starting January 30, 2015

Embarcadero Center Cinema

Smith Rafael Film Center



For the Shattuck Cinema, you will have to wait a bit... until February, 6 2015. Be patient orcross the bridge!