Maternity stores




To be considered as well as Old Navy.

Offers well designed stuff @ ''targetian" prices. What else could you expect? A Target in SF for sure!!



Les department stores:

Follow the above link.

Keep in mind that Neiman Marcus and Barney's don't have this department. For the other stores, the selection is not always very large (especially online), but the overall style of each of them is recognizable.



Non specialized major brands that developed  a maternity range:


Gap Maternity

It is Gap, with no surprise! It is doing the job perfectly!

And the good thing is that we don't feel like we pay the high price for some trousers we are going to wear for 5 months (not even 9!! At the beginning, you just pull in the abs!) and we're going to loathe right after.

890 Market street -- @ Powell

Check online


Old Navy Maternity

Same comment. It is really worth it for casual style. You can even dig in the regular department choosing some large sizes.

801 Market street -- @ 4th street

The website



Is there anything to say? Style and price, even when you're pregnant. Good old H&M!!

The website 



Specialized brands:


A Pea in the Pod

A good surprise. Multibrand store with a selection of top fashion jeans brands for example (7 for all Mankind, True Religion, Lucky Brand....)

Or Velvet, Ella Moss for the tops.

Offers some nursery items as well (like diaper bags...) and some lingerie.

In the end, price range is quite wide. Their own brand items contribute to counterbalance it.

345 Sutter street -- between Stockton & Grant

The website


Motherhood Maternity

Suburbs stores, sometimes assoxiated with Baby'srus.

Looks like pretty affordable. And Heidi Klum even spotted some articles... Does it help?

The website


Due Maternity

Some classics. Fyi, jeans starting @ 80$.

3112 California street -- between Presidio &^ Lyon

The website



Specialized independent stores:


Nest Maternity

Online store available.

Rather affordable (pants between 50 & 100$). Working girls, sports, dressy... outfits.

And diversified departments like Maternity, Nursing, Infants clothes, Skincare, Baby gifts...

1839 Divisadero (one location)

Their website


Mom’s the Word Maternity

Personal shopper services are available.

Offers a wide range of styles (dressy, office, casual...) @ a wide range of prices.

Ex: jeans from 100 to 250$. Office dresses from 70 et 120$)

Plus some nursing stuff for sure. Global concept!

3385 Sacramento street (Palo Alto and Walnut Creek locations as well)

The website


Japanese WE Maternity

Another style. From casual to not so casual... @ relatively affordable prices.

500 Sutter -- @ Powell

The website


Mini Kids and Maternity

2278 Union -- @ Steiner


Maximum Mama Maternity

Cute and appealing website. It looks like a local business.

The website 


Encore autre chose...:


Day One

‘’The center  for new and expectant parents’’.

Some kind of a ''club'' gathering ''moms to be''.

Everything related to maternity like Prenatal classes, Fitness, Baby yoga... A galore of nursery stuff from McLaren strollers to Mustella products, plus ''Nursing accessories'', et hints to help you live trimesters after each other (like the alleviating nausea tea...)

3490 California (Palo Alto & Walnut Creek locations too).

The website 


Natural Resources

Same thing. Classes, Doula training... And a super fancy store with a rather beautiful selection.

Nursing, skincare, babytoys, baby clothes... most of the time organic! So SF!!

1367 Valencia street

The website



Second hand stores:


Maternity Xchange

New, recycled and consignment.

Sports Basement stores are used as ''Sale and Drop off locations''.

30 to 70% off regular prices for new items and until 80% off  for second hand ones. Monthly sales. Typically a good idea to find clothes @ bargaining prices considering the fact that we will wear them for such a short period.

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Chloe’s closet

Not specialized in this category, but they might have some stuff.

451 A Cortland

The website