Major kids brands stores

Gap -- From 0 à 14-16 yrs

Unquestionably, the landmark, especially here in San Francisco.

From top casual to Bonpoint style, new collections pop up the whole year long.

3491 California Street -- LAUREL VILLAGE

2159 Chestnut Street -- Marina

890 Market Street -- Cable car
1 Jefferson Street -- Pier 41

3 Sacramento Street -- Embarcadero center
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H&M -- From 0 to 14-16 yrs

Powell store now has a kids department as well. Style and price, they summarize pretty well the situation.

150 Powell Street -- right below Union Square

845 Market Street -- Westfield center

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Zara -- From 3-4 yrs to 14-16 yrs

Kids department available only in the store on Post. Unfortunately, they don't have the baby's range. Elegant european style that we all know.

250 Post Street -- close to Cartier

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J Crew for kids  aka Crewcuts -- From 2 to 14 yrs

Another very nice and top fancy collection for our little darlings!

Can be quite expensive sometimes but some basics with the Crewcuts touch are pretty appealing (on both style and price point of views). And recently. the Westfield store got remodeled and Crewcuts is now available over there.

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American apparel... for kids

Back in the 80's for our little ones with comfortable, simple and colorful basics. Available in the Grant street store for instance.

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Old Navy -- From 0 à 14-16 yrs

Gap, but even cheaper. Always a good idea to take a look at it.

Baby's stuff can be really cute and stylish, same thing for the Toddlers. For older ones, you might find good basics and casual outfits.

801 Market Street -- @ 4th Street

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Abercrombie Kids -- From 5-6 yrs

Kids casual style kingdom!

Westfield center -- 3rd floor

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Children place -- From 0 to 14-16 yrs

Casual, colorful fashion at very low prices.

Out of San Francisco

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Gymboree -- From 0 to 12 yrs

Can be a good alternative to Gap with same kind of reasonnable prices.

3251 20th avenue -- Stonestown Galleria

3407 California Street -- Laurel Village

865 Market Street -- Westfield center

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Janie and Jack -- From 0 to 8 yrs online (to 6 yrs in stores) 

Upscale brand from the same company as Gymboree.

Prices remain quite affordable (ex: shirts or pants around 35$).

2108 Chestnut Street -- Marina

865 Market Street -- Westfield center

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Pumpkin Patch -- From 0 to 11 yrs

Casual and colorful brand from New Zealand.

3251 20th Ave. -- Stonestown Galleria

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