Ocean Beach . 10am - 4pm.

Saturday, October 20

Here comes the 29th edition of this annual event that year after year, became the largest sandcastle event in Northern California.







28 teams of architects, engineers, contractors, designers...

28 SF schools represented by hundreds of students

Located at Balboa et Great Highway

The theme: Things that jump!

3 food trucks scheduled to be there for lunch time.


It is a serious and yet fun competition. Kids got prepared at school. They attended meetings, brainstormed on smart ideas, plans have been drawn, clay models shaped... Leap's ambition is to put arts in the midst of education through the programs the association implements in SF schools: noble and admirable purpose!



So we hope a sunny and warm Saturday, we expect frogs, kangaroos, bugs, horses, bunnies, skydivers... and amazing pictures of our dear OB.


To go there, think bikes, roller blades, skates... and public transportation!


Please share your pictures with us ([email protected]) and we will publish them in the Gallery. Thanks a lot!


Leap Sandcastle contest

Ocean Beach

Saturday, October 20

10am à 4pm.

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