Thursday, November 15 @ 9pm.

Le VICE, this is one of those bands for whom description is difficult, so let’s stick with adjectives: Hip-hop, urban, hipster, indie, electro-funk, R&B, driving, groove and, well, unique.



In frontwoman Alex Lee, we have a fresh, soulful voice, but beyond that a rapper whose rhymes are honest, narrative, and comprehensible (no doubt, they will be profoundly lodged in your brains after the show). In band co-founder Sean Dillinger, a bassist who plays from deep in the pocket. In Renzo Staiano, a guitarist with taste and authority, who cut his teeth in jazz, metal, funk, and Latin American music. Dame Taylor completes the group with the kind of drive that allows the cohesion of this multi-layered sound, so solid it makes your hips roll.



But don't take our word for it, go ahead and download their most recent album, Neverland, for FREE (just give them a little nod on facebook or twitter or in conversation with your friends) at http://levicemusic.com/neverland.


The Rickshaw Stop is one of our favorite concert spots. Cozy, but with plenty of dance space or, if you’d rather, a couple foosball machines. A great place to hear new music.


On Thursday, LeVICE is playing with Hundred Days (local indie/alt rock group debuting their new video) and LA’s Fire in the Hamptons (electronic indie pop).


So go, download the album, listen to it, and come find us on the dance floor.



@ The Rickshaw Stop

155 Fell Street

Thursday, November 15 @ 9pm.


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 Contribution: Lucie Duffort