Kids sports shoes

Sports stores with a shoes department:


Sports Basement

1590 Bryant Street -- près de la 16th street

610 Old Mason Street -- Presidio

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Some nice brands like Converse, UGG, New Balance, Crocks, Merrel... Keep an eye on the sales and fundraising events. It may be really worth it!

Sports Authority

Wide smeakers range. Their sales selves may be super attractive.

1690 Folsom Street

Serramonte Center  301 Gellert Boulevard

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Especially for the youngest. Other wise, you'll find your Nike sneakers in other multibrands stores.

278 Post Street -- coin NE

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No kids department in their downtown store.

845 Market street -- Westfield center

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Especially for the youngest.

Otherwise, you'll find your Puma sneakers in most of multibrands stores and online.

856 Market Street

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Speciazed sports shoes stores:



Sneakers all over the walls.

3251 20th Avenue -- Stonestown Galleria

2172 Mission street

2829 Mission street

865 Market street -- Westfield center

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Same kind of stores.

865 Market street -- Westfield center

20th avenue -- Stonetown galleria.

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