The French movie event of the past year finally hit SF screens! And be prepared, because the american version is on its way!


According to the latest news we got, the Weinstein Company is doing a pretty good job. Actually, that's not exactly a surprise. The Company is renowned for being such a good Oscar winner seeker, finder, maker. The Artist is only an example (a good one) among so many others.


Colin Firth will play the part of Philippe. The challenge is tough considering the outstanding performance of the French actor, François Cluzet, but we can trust Colin Firth who already asserted his incredible talent.

But for the other main character (Driss, the caretaker), 3 great american actors are still in the race: Jamie Foxx (Simply amazing in the "coming soon" Tarentino movie, Django Unchained, if you just take a look at the trailer), Chris Rock (Hilarious!) and Idris Elba (Performing in Prometheus). Tricky choice!



But let's get back to the French movie itself...


The story... After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker. Nobody expected them to become friends, to be simply connected. People even try to convice Philippe that it's the worst idea he could get to hire Driss. In the end, a real and true friendship will make their relationship so unique and inspiring.



Omar Sy received the César award as best actor (He was competing with Jean Dujardin...) for his performance as Driss.


The movie became a real phenomenon in France: with almost 20 millions sold tickets in France, the movie is now ranked third, Titanic being the first movie ever in the French box office.

Its success is international: more than 5 millions people watched it in Germany for example.



Basically, the Intouchables is a movie telling us a beautiful story based on Philippe Pozzo di Borgo real life who hired Abdel Sellou as his caretaker.



Nice inspiring life lesson and real entertainment. 



The Intouchables

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