Holy Motors

Drama from director Léos Carax

Showing at Roxie Theater and Castro Theater until January 17

The latest feature film of Léos Carax (Boy Meets Girl, Pola X), Holy Motors, follows Denis Lavant (A Very Long Engagement, Boy Meets Girl) as Monsieur Oscar, over the course of a single day, as he travels by limousine around Paris to a series of nine “appointments,” transforming into new characters or incarnations at each stop. 



It's probably the strangest film you will ever see. It's something very different. In a way it's pure cinema as it’s loaded from the first scene to last scene with cinematic references.

The opening scene has Carax himself, waking up or just dreaming, climbing along some interior wall and eventually going through a door to a cinema. It's like he goes through the door to what cinema is about. Then it starts, you try and figure out what is happening at the beginning, trying to pin a conventional understanding around the first five minutes. What follows is a series of unrelated sequences that have a theme. The theme is Denis Lavant as the main man, providing some sort of support or value to a multiple of very very different situations.

The best way to see this film, is to know almost nothing about its content...



Holy Motors was an outside contender for the Palme d'Or, but the movie probably was so strange that the jury couldn't categorize it. It was awarded the Prix de la Jeunesse (young prize).

This is a film made by an auteur, it's a work of art, it is totally unconventional, it's full of puzzles, it has different levels of messages. If you are interested in cinema you have to see this film. 






Holy Motors

Roxie January 14-17 

Castro January 15 

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