Giving tuesday or not, how to help people who need it the most in San Francisco

Giving Tuesday... or not, giving is always a good idea and a good deed. And there are so many reasons to help, especially at that time of the year.


You want to help but you don't know how and where? Let us help !


Volunteering is always welcome. There are so many associations that need your help to implement the help.


At that time of the year, homeless people need our commitment more than ever. 


They need us to get some food, to get some healthcares, to be able to take a shower, to get clean decent clothes, to find shelters.


Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash


A lot of associations encourage you to come and volunteer. Check on their websites, there are often calendars with all the scheduled events where you could help and instriuctions on how to enroll yourself.


Solidarity is more important than ever this year. Most of us had never heard of Paradise, or had no idea where Butte County could be... their proximity was revealed by the air we have breathed.


Just thinking of what people are going through over there is surreal. We recommend you this article on SF Gate listing different ways to help and support the wildfires victims.

>> How to help widlfires victims in California 




And in San Francisco...



Glide Church

Glide church is celebrating this year its 50 years.  This is more than a church, this is a support to the community by the community. They have a huge program of help all the ear long and they are one of the most important places for people who have nothing. Education, meals, and much more are what they all year work on. More information




Salvation Army

They are very well-known for their help all year long . They need volunteer. Going with your family is a great time to share

In San Francisco they are organized by neighborhood. 

More information.











Saint Anthony Church

Very well-known for they meal program distribution ,  Saint Anthony develop a lot of ways to help. Visit their web site , you will be surprised.

One idea ;  Are you knitters ? you could knit  for them z!! Knit yourself or with your knitting club as a project some hats… Knit bring share..

More information




Food Bank

San Francisco and Marin program

They need your hands…to pack ;-)

Every day of the week, teams of volunteers gather to sort and pack the food donations that come through our doors. From bins of oranges straight from the grove to 2,000-pound totes of rice, volunteers ensure that there are always hands at the ready to pack the food for distribution. 

More information




For the one who love animals

Every year Macy s down town and the San Francisco SFSPCA share a windows in their Christmas time to make people aware of the action for animals

All animal inside are real and ready to be adopted but they need care and every day a lot of volunteers helps. Be part of them.  

More information.




As easy as a click...

Donate on line when you shop If you are a regular Amazon shopper, consider updating your bookmark to and choose HPP as your charity of choice.  We will receive 0.5% of every purchase you make.

More information.




You have time to give but you don't know how? Check these websites that selected volunteering options and opportunities for you.




There are so many ways to be thankful and to be part of our community as an active contributor.


Happy Thanksgiving and Give Thanks!



Contribution: Emmanuelle Serroy-Leaf