Free days at the Exploratorium

Five times a year, on special occasions, San Francisco's Exploratorium opens its doors to the public for free.




Free admission days at the exploratorium for 2018...



No Groundhog Day special admission.


March 14  Pi Day

The day of scientific number 3.14159… very useful for 5th graders. 

May 13 Mother's Day

This one, every one knows about it since his/her first Happy Mother's Day gift and card brought back from school. Foreigners might be confused because it could be earlier or later in their home country. Make sure you have it right this year! 


And there should be 3 other dates for the second half of the year. 


Free Community Night on June 22

Ce sera gratuit après 5pm.

Usual Engineering Day in September (the 22nd)  becomes a Free Community Day

That one is a mystery. We can easily imagine why the Exploratorium thought about it, but... should we also celebrate engineers and thank them for their work on that day? 

Usual Founder’s Day in October (the 21st) becomes also a Free Community Day

This day comes from a proclamation announcing the victory of the founding fathers against the Britishs in 1782 during the Revolutionary war. Interesting!



Anyway... they have one thing in common: they are the days when we can explore for free, so let's call them Free Exploration Days. Have fun!



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