Coach for Eyes 

Your body needs some conditioning. Same story for your eyes!

We just met Nathalie, a French orthoptist, who launched Coach for Eyes in San Francisco.


She reminds us of some rules and habits that we should follow, especially here in San Francisco, the land of the sun and the computers!

Regarding eyes care, prevention can make such a difference!




Nathalie, what are be the main warnings you would like people to keep in mind?


The vision/eyesight is  a huge sense : 80% of the sensitive information are collected by the eyes and analysed on a second step by our visual brain. We have extramuscles to control the movement of  the eyeball and intramuscles to help for the focusing. Like the muscles of your body, the muscles of your eyes need to be trained in order to become more enduring on the screens. For the beauty of your eyes, let your eyes make sport!


For the Kids :

Sun :  The UVA/UVB go through the eyes to reach easily the retina: wear sunglasses and cap for the sun protection is recommended.

On the screens : long period on the screens generate eye strain and generate headaches, blurry vision, tearings... Control the screen time and take visual breaks. Take care of your child’s sleep and turn off all type of screens 1 hour before going to sleep.




Give us 3 little exercices to practice in order to make our (eyes) life easier.


Adjust your workplace (lighting, settings of the screen, distance and height of the screen) for a better visual comfort.

Take visual breaks and stretch the muscles of your eyes in watching at far as you can (more than 20 feets/6m)

Learn and train the muscles of your eyes with some funny and efficient exercices.


For instance, try the hidden seagull picture...



It is a great exercice to train divergence as well as convergence muscles.



Describe in a few words the services you provide.


I offer two types of services :

For corporate/schools : visual ergonomics workshops and visual training to improve the visual wellness. The visual coaching provides benefits with a dicrease of the visual troubles for 80% of people and an improvement of the wellness for 100% of them.

For individuals : binocular balance exam and reeducation if necessary. I enable to make visuo-spatial exam, especially for the dyslexia, dyspraxia and visuo-spacial imbalance.





It was a pleasure to meet Nathalie who was very convicing.

Just take a closer look at Coach for Eyes webiste: it is a great service for you, and for your companies also. Especially here, in SF, tech companies should be keen on Nathalie's services to develop prevention among their employees.



Coach for Eyes, click on the picture below.