The Warfield

Monday, November 14 @ 8:00pm

Four years ago, Feist enchanted everybody (... including us and, but is it worth mentioning it... Apple for its Ipod Nano advertising campaign) with her album The Reminder.




If you still had a doubt, we let you listen to 1234 and watch it, and also My Moon, My Man.





Feist already has a long carreer behind her, with 20 years of singing, composing and performing. Her talent lead her to a lot of collaborations with Jane Birkin or Arthur H, for instance, in France. She is also member of the band Broken Social Scene (that performed lately @ the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival).

In the movie Paris Je t’aime, she sings « La même histoire – We’re all in the dance ». Listen to it. But we warned you... you will love her!



We definitely like Feist (it was an easy guess...), her very modern and yet so personal elegance (she reminds us of Keren Ann and Charlotte Gainsbourg and vice versa), her firm voice, her wistful melodies, shy and bold all at once.


She just released a new album, Metals including songs where sadness, melancholy, hope and delicacy coexist. She recorded it in Big Sur that she chose for its inspiring literary past and for the strength of the surrounding nature. Good choice, isn't it?





@ the Warfield

Monday, November 14 @ 8:00pm

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Credit photo: Mary Rozzi