Fatted Calf

San Francisco, the city of foodies, is home to a few excellent butcheries. Fatted Calf is one of them and carnivores know about it since its opening in Hayes Valley a few years ago. 



Under Fatted Calf's logo, you can read Charcuterie. It's the French word for cured meats. And indeed, this is what they sell, real good charcuterie: all sorts of sausages, including the very popular merguez, the best salami, like France favorite saucisson sec, or Spanish chorizo, rillettes and pâtés, lamb terrine...  Fatted Calf sells also quality meat : poultry, beef, lamb, pork... you name it.

Everything is well presented. The place is clean and modern. 


And if you have always dreamed of being a butcher or a "charcutier", try one of their Saturday classes. $200 (lunch and goody bag included) for 4 hours about everything you should know on sausage and pâté



Fatted Calf

320 Fell Street, Hayes Valley