19 large scale whimsical animal sculptures at the Civic Center Plaza until May 7, 2015. It's free and open to the public.



You are going to love this imaginary world created by the Taiwanese artists Hung Yi. Take the kids, don't forget to grab a scarpbook and some pencils and there you go for a great art session in the heart of San Francisco.



Hung Yi is renowned for his bright, colorful, bold sculptures and paintings where tradition meets modernity.



We enjoyed wandering in the midst of this amazing creatures, funny, quiet, moving, friendly, familiar and yet sometimes threatening. We loved the Buffalo, the Dragon with the sportive shoes, the smiling dog, the hallucinated frog, the 2 facing Elmers and the Animal circus.


We wish you a nice journey to the imaginary world of the Fancy Animal Carnival.




Civic Center Plaza

April 19 - May 7, 2015

Free and open to the pubic

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