Declaration of war starts as a romantic comedy with Romeo and Juliette as main characters. The movie is the tale of their love and life story. 


They meet each other, they love each other (pure love at the first sight), they have a baby, Adam. And then, they discover that their toddler developped a brain tumor... The movie depicts their terrible fight and the way they will confront this ordeal.


Most of the critics agree to say that the movie could have been a painful and sorrowful tale. In the end, it brings you to tears, but mainly by the strength, the willingness and the tenacity that sustained this fight. Romeo and Juliette struggle for their child, and for themselves also, with the strong support of their family and friends



Valérie Donzelli wrote the script with Jérémie Elkaim. Actually, it is their own story and their own fight that they perform in this movie which is like a race, an insane race full of music, colors, hope, optimism, energy and sometimes even some humour.


Valérie Donzelli was part of the movie Bachelor days are over with Benjamin Biolay. Declaration of war is her second movie as a director, after Queen of hearts, that belongs to the selection of My French Film Festival. Unfortunately, we can't watch it from the US. Sad!


Valérie Donzelli and Jérémie are definitely in the French flashlights. The movie was proposed to be the French one in the Foreign Language selection of the Oscars.)


Check by yourself how they meet their reputation.





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