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East meets West Jewels of the Maharajas from the Al Thani Collection, the new exhibition at the Legion of Honor is shining bright like a diamond... like a galore of diamonds, and pearls and gems. Let's share some impressions.

We have been following ZOLA from the very beginning of her musical path. We met her and asked her a few questions. Read her story and go to the Cafe du Nord for her performance at the Claire George's EP release party.


Beautiful Boy, the latest movie of the Belgian director, Felix Van Groeningen, starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet opens in San Francisco.

For months already, Max Hollein has been announcing this exhibition, based on such a widely discussed societal topic. ''Contemporary Muslim Fashions'', the latest exhibiton at the de Young Museum is open until January 6, 2019.

Surprise ! Gad Elmaleh is coming to San Francisco... No, ok, it is not such a surprise. Each time he performed in the Bay was a success. He will start his Dream Tour this Fall and is expected in San Francisco on November 12, 2018.

Magritte, The Fifth season is at SFMOMA until October 28, 2018.

Free Wine tasting and movies. Every Tuesday this summer starting June 5, 2018 FREE! The very chic, impressive, honorable Intercontinental Mark Hopkins offers a great movie program for the summer.

French Bee's inaugural flight from Paris to Tahiti with a stop in San Francisco took place on May 11, 2018. Sabrina, our favorite photographer and I, were fortunate enough to join the press tour organized by the company. We were off for a week in Paradise. Here is a short story of a memorable experience.

Living in SoMa? Why not. Once Upon a Town wrapped up a short story about the neighborhood. So let's listen to it. Once Upon SoMa...

While waiting for Magritte, at the same time as Magritte in a few days, or simply for the pleasure to go to the SFMOMA, here are 2 photo exhibtions we really loved during our recent visit.

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