For ECO reasons (ECOnomic - like in financial reasons - and ECOlogical - like in environmental friendly), carpooling is a very popular sport in San Francisco.


Websites to know to avoid getting lost... in SF...



Take a look at their Ridematch.

You can reach an operator 8am to 6pm on weekdays.

The service is also available on Twitter.

The goal being to find your ''carpoolmate''.

Membership allows you to browse through listings and emails.

Useful information about carpooling in SF: How it works, pick up and drop of spots, phone numbers..

To learn more

They're supposed to find you quite a close ride, otherwise they pay the cab for you!!


SFRide – 8 really cool links to check about carpooling.


Carpool world 

Same goal: How to find easy carpooling solutions.



You always end up on the Craigslist!!

Might be more relevant for long run rides.