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General websites to find and select a cardealer


Edmunds -- Their website

Easy browsing through brandnames.


Automotive -- Their website


Intermet Autoguide -- Their website



To get a price estimate with the closest dealership, any brand ">Amexnetwork



To find reviews on a specific model



Go and read comparative reviews


Used cars prices

Kelley Blue Book

Helpful to estimate the price of the vehicle you either try to sell or to buy.

Provides also reviews and miscellaneous information for new cars.

Visit the website





British Motor Car Distributors, Ltd

Jaguar, Bentley, Lamborghini, Land Rover…. Tempted or you just hesitate?

901 Van Ness Avenue (Land Rover and especially Jaguqr)

999 Van Ness Avenue (Bentley, Lamborghini...)

Go and dream on their website 



Cars Dawydiak

Top luxury cars, new or ... ''not new'' (second-hand does not sound appropriate for that kind of cars...)

Insist on the flawless quality of their maintenance service.

Offer consignment as well.

FYI, a place to find Vespa models.

1450 Franklin (et aussi une adresse à Corte Madera)

Their  website




Cars Dawydiak -- Vespa dealer

1450 Franklin (et Corte Madera)

Their website


SF Scooter Center

Buddy scooters… with a ''so very SF'' trailer... (see the boneshaped cake for the little doggy…

Vespa et Lambretta also available.

127 10th Street

Their website


SF Moto

Scooters and motorcycles... in SF!! That's their name!!!!

275 8th Street

Their website


Scuderia West

Aprilia, Bimota are part of the offered brands.

All kinds of motorized vehicles from scooters, moped, motos...

69 Duboce avenue

Their website


Mr Scooter

He (Mr Scooter himself) does sell motos as well!!

Also offers maintenance services.

1776 Mission

Their  website


Vespa SF

1450 Franklin street (also an address in Marin, Corte Madera)

Their website