French Aristo(electro)cats, Caravan Palace will start a wide north american tour mid May until mid June: 5 weeks, 23 concerts, Montreal as a starting point and Oakland in between. 


In 2014, they had been invited to Coachella to present their electro swing/ gipsy / new wave style of music. At that time, they had taken profit of their being around to come and perform at the Regency Ballroom (...) Read more.


 (c) Caravan Palace - Bertrand Cavarisas



What happened since then?


The band has produced and launched its 3rd studio album, Robot Face <|^_^|> in October 2015. You can read this interview to learn more than we could tell ourselves.


You can also listen to Lone digger, single from Robot Face.




They keep singing exclusively in English. And whether you are fans or not of that kind of music, you can't help but noticing and feeling the urge to dance. That could be the swing side effect.




@ the Fox Theater Oakland

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Tickets go on sale March 24.



Caravan Palace will tour from May 18 until June 20, 2016. Check all their concerts dates and locations below.