San Francisco, November 30, 2012 - January 23, 2013.

Gallery Carte Blanche celebrates its first year on Valencia and will start a new exhibition with a very symbolic theme: Call me home!



The whole purpose is a tribute to artists from all horizons who call San Francisco home.


The exhibition will give the opportunity to 5 local artists (but non-native San Franciscans, like the Gallery owner Gwen Lafage) who settled down in San Francisco, kind of adopted it, became so familiar with it that they can claim now that they made it home, their home.




It sounds so much like LostinSF's purpose to help New People in Town when they arrive in San Francisco, to make the city easier and more familiar so that they can, in the end, feel like home and eventually call it home.



San Francisco is like an enchantment to anybody visiting or moving here. The city amazes, surprises, dazzles, inspires with its beauty, its diversity, its contrasts, its light, its climate (obviously!), its extravagant wisdom and its quiet exuberance, its conventional modernism (and vice versa), its urban vibes as well as the omnipresent nature.





Gwen Lafage invited Kirk Crippens (currently the Artist-in-Residence at RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco), Alan W George ( from Fayetteville, North Carolina), Esmeralda Ruiz (Six photos from Esmeralda Ruiz's series 3 minutes are also now part of Gallery Carte Blanche's permanent collection: 3 minutes on Gallery Carte Blanche.), Charity Vargas (who now lives in one of the San Francisco Presidio’s historic houses and has photographed the Presidio and its changes since 2003) and Winni Wintermeyer (who was born in the industrial Ruhr Valley in Bochum, Germany, but moved to San Francisco in the early 1990s and lived here since then), she invited them to show their multifaceted San Francisco, from the vantage points of its residential homes, foggy vistas and neon-lit alleys.




Gwen Lafage is making her own way in San Francisco, making its Gallery a comfortable and creative home for art photographs, making Valencia and San Francisco her Home sweet Art Home.



Happy Anniversary and Congrats!





Call me Home

@ Gallery Carte Blanche

November 30, 2012 - January 23, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, November 30 / 6pm to 9pm