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Saturday, April 13, 2013

You're gonna love C2C, the French electro band that meets such a success currently in France.





We almost missed their concert while everybody talks about them in France and they are going to be at Coachella this coming April.


Some things you want to know...


They are 4 DJs with uncommon names (not that easy to remember. Let's go on with C2C in the article): 20Syl, Greem, Pfel et Atom.



They met in high school in Nantes, France.



They have a knack for « turntablism ». They are so good at it! They were Worldchampions of DMC (Disco Mix Club) 4 times in a raw. Never happened before. Never happened again.



 They're skaters. Sounds like a good connection with SF.




They think that 4 is their lucky number: 4 DJs, 4 times champions, they won 4 Victoires de la musique (kind of the French Grammy awards), their album's title is Tetra (which means... 4). 







They will perform at Coachella on April 12 and 19. For some years, the French electro music has always been invited (Yelle, M83, Justice, Housse de Racket...)



C2C is different. Yes, they are:-)

Most of the bands borrow some others' music while they compose their own sounds to better sample them.


Reviews in the French magazines are awesome and say that their talent is great when you listen to their album, but it is even better on stage!



Just listen to « Down the road ». The video was made in Santa Monica. Honestly, they could have made it here, in SF.



You can also listen to F.U.Y.A or  Happy. Everything is really cool!


We already have our tickets. See you there!




The Independent

Saturday, April 13, 2013

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