Bridges and Tolls in San Francisco



Golden Gate Bridge -- The website

Toll rates


Its majesty, the Golden Gate Bridge is undoubtedly out of the ordinary, and not only on a visual point of view.

But another reason to have its own website!!


The 7 other Bay bridges (The Bay is big and wide!! Let's not forget Antioch, Carguiniez...) are State owned and managed under the authority of the BATA...

Bay Area Toll Authority



Tolls - Payment methods


Just a reminder that could sound obvious, but when we are new in town, we are not always sure... Tolls are just one way... when you come to SF. No need to pay any toll when you leave the city.


For the payments...

No more cash required for the Golden Gate Bridge. All electronic tolling! How does it work?


Otherwise (for the other bridges), cash is still an option, no credit card payments, and Fastrak of course.

Pretty convenient system, costless, which grants a 1$ reduction on toll rates and helps gaining some time (especially on the Bay Bridge, when East Bay residents have a night out in SF or are on their way for shopping downtown SF) thanks to the Fastrak express lane.