Batman and Amadeus at the SF Symphony!

The SF Symphony added 2 cult movies to its April program: Batman and Amadeus to watch with the score performed live! Going to a movie takes another dimension.



Each year, the SF Symphony surprises us with outstanding events and concerts, including movies showing on its big screen with powerful live score by the orchestra.


Batman, the one by Tim Burton! Member of the great family of cult movies of the last 2 decades. Brilliant Jack Nicholson who became the reference as the Joker, and Michael Keaton as Batman. You know the story, you know the music... Find out about a new experience.


BATMAN - Feature Film With the SF SYMPHONY

April 4 & 5, 2018

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And what about Amadeus ! Watching this movie at and with the SF Symphony definitely sounds like the ultimate experience of its kind.


AMADEUS - Feature Film With the SF SYMPHONY

April 6, 7 and 16, 2018

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