Baseball postseason for the nerds !

The Giants won the World Series!! 




2 years ago, the Giants beat the Texas Rangers, bringing the World Champions trophy back home to the Bay area for the first time since 1954. A great moment in the history of San Francisco!

For those of you who don't know a lot about baseball, but want to support SF team, here is what you should know to understand the complicated "rules" of postseason baseball.


First of all, there are two major baseball leagues in the US: 

The American Baseball League (14 teams, in 3 divisions East, Central, West)

The National Baseball League (16 teams, in 3 divisions East, Central et West). The San Francisco Giants are in the NBL, division West. With the score of 94 wins,  they are the winners of their division, therefor they have qualified for the Division Series games.


At this point of the competition, 4 teams are fighting for the Division Series title (8 total in both Leagues): 

The winning team division West

The winning team divison Central

The winning team division East

The Wild card, a fourth team, winner of a one-game playoff.


These teams played the DIVISIONS SERIESfrom October 6 to 12.

In the National Baseball League case (the SF Giants' team… you got it!), the games were :

- on one hand, SF Giants vs Cincinnati Reds

- on the other, Washington Nationals vs Wild Card (tbc October 5)

These division series consist of 2 best-of-five series. 




The winners are advancing to the CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES.

The SFGiants are the winners of the Division Series and advance to the Championship Series. They play against St Louis Cardinals. Games are scheduled from October 13 to 22.

The series consist this time of 2 best-of-7 series.


Mark your calendar if you want to see the Giants :

Sunday October 14, AT&T Park

Monday October 15, AT&T Park

Wednesday October 17, St Louis

Thursday October 18, St Louis

Then, until one team has 4 victories:

October 19, St Louis

October 21 and 22, AT&T Park

Once a team has 4 victories, it will advance to the WORLD SERIES, the ultimate chanpionship played between the two leagues, starting October 24


What you should keep in mind :


October 6 to 12 > League Division Series 

October 13 to 22 > League Championship Series

Beginning October 24 > World Series 


To watch the games, 2 options: your TV (TBS or FOX) or the AT&T Park in SF.

Watch a live game is an amazing experience, with or without kids. Be sure you are dressed in orange (the team's color) or with the team baseball jersey!


Giants' official website