June 23, 2017, 836M had gathered around a hundred of people to unveil the work achieved by Redha Medjellekh during his artistic residence at the gallery.

You always dreamt of clapping hands in a church... Welcome to Glide world!

Unbelievably hilarious and crazy, Beach Blanket Babylon is a typical San Franciscan show you won’t want to miss! 

It started with a Kiss, and the public liked it... So... so??? Clara and Mathilde decided to do it again, for fun sake.

31 has met a huge success in Avignon, the theatre Summer French Mecca, and then in Paris. The musical will be presented at the TLF in French with English subtitles.

Friday, Feb 9, 2018, Mathilde will receive Clara at her Maison Oakland for an evening show dediacted to humor and stand up comedy, ''It started with a kiss''... promising !

A bit of Burning Man will come to Union Square on December 21, 2017 with the psychedelic undulations of luminous jellyfishes by local group Billion Jelly Bloom.

On December 2 & 3, ODC presents Interspace/ology as part of its ODC Pilot 69 program, featuring among others, French dancer Alexandre Munz.

French Friday night at La Maison Oakland with live music, some fashion and... croissants, bien sûr!

Re-discover The Little Prince thanks to the production presented by Opera Parallèle in San Francisco.

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