[update] His concert at the Independent just got cancelled. It is quite disappointing. Yet it should not prevent you from taking a look and listen to some of his music if you don't him already. You might definitely be tempted to add it to your playlist.

Her new album just got released and she right away annouced her concert in San Francisco! What a delight to have her back in town.


Usually, when an artist performs at Coachella, he or she does so too in San Francisco. Charlotte Gainsbourg is playing by the rules. We were just waiting for the confirmation of her concert's date and venue. It's done.


2019 Coachella edition will have a serious French accent. 

MHD, Mohamed Sylla, the French rapper who initiated | created | invented | imagined the Afro Trap music style, is coming back to San Francisco (second to last concert of his North American 19 tour in February).

The Treasure Island Music Festival will take place October 13 & 14, 2018. And the French duo, Polo & Pan, will be back to SF for the occasion.

The French electronic duo, The Blaze, will make the Regency Ballroom its own Territory on October 25, 2018.

BreakBot is used to perform in San Francisco. He comes here almost every year. This time, it will be a tour starting in Brooklyn and finishing in LA, with a stop in SF in between.

Coeur de Pirate, the French-Canadian singer-songwriter-pianist, will perform at August in San Francisco on February 27, 2019.

L'Impératrice is probably the latest trendy music band in France. Everybody talks about them and their concerts in Paris and beyond. They just announced a US tour for this Spring and they will perform in San Francisco. Lucky we are!

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