The French - and very Parisian - duo, Brigitte, will be performing here and there between Canada and USA, here and there including... New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

SF Symphony, December 13, 2015, 2 representations.

Peter and the wolf, and the bird, the duck, the grandfather, the hunters and the cat... are back to SF Symphony for their annual presentation. 

12 days, 12 pianos at the San Francisco Botanical Garden that becomes the city’s own outdoor concert hall and everyone is invited to play and listen.

The French duo, AIR, will be in the air this June. They were already in SF last summer. It looks like they liked it. They will perform at the Masonic on June 23.

French Kiwi Juice was supposed initially to perform at the Frost in Palo Alto. His concert has been moved to San Francisco, at the Warfield, a venue that he knows pretty well alaready.

The SF Symphony is now renowned for its movie-concerts. The next event of this kind will be June 18 with the movie CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.

The French artists, Yann Tiersen, just released his 10th album, All. He will perform in the US and Canada, and start his tour with concerts in Los Angeles on May 10, and in San Francisco on May 11 to finish it in Miami on June 2.

2 years ago, we told you about More Fatter for one of their concerts at the Boom Boom Room. Since then, they have been composing, playing, performing, editing, releasing... We tell you more about what happens next.

Usually, when an artist performs at Coachella, he or she does so too in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For this 2019 edition of the highly anticipated Coachella, Charlotte Gainsbourg is playing by the rules. 


Tickets have been won.

Usually, when an artist performs at Coachella, he or she does so in San Francisco too. Charlotte Gainsbourg is playing by the rules. We announced her concert as soos as the dates were confirmed.

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