Here is our selection of concerts within the next few weeks. Click on the artist you like to read more about him/her and the related event as well as to take your tickets.


Here is a shortlist of the concerts by French - or with a French something - artists in San Francisco, from tiny venues to large ones, from electro to pop to rock to jazz to soul to...

French Kiwi Juice at the Frost. Sounds like a summer cocktail... but it is actually a summer concert, by the French electro musician FKJ at the Frost Amphitheater in Palo Alto.

The SF Symphony is now renowned for its movie-concerts. The next event of this kind will be June 18 with the movie CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.

The French artists, Yann Tiersen, just released his 10th album, All. He will perform in the US and Canada, and start his tour with concerts in Los Angeles on May 10, and in San Francisco on May 11 to finish it in Miami on June 2.


Polo & Pan, the French Electro-Pop duo never stops touring and performing. After a year of concerts and Coachella that just closed its 2019 edition, Polo & Pan just announced a long US and Canada tour for this Fall.



Céline, Céline Dion, the one and only, just announced a concerts tour. And since it is Céline, it had to be huge. So that will be a world tour, Courage World Tour.

The Gipsy Kings just annouced a whole series of concerts in the US with August dedicated to the West Coast and a second to last one in San Francisco at the gorgeous Warfield.

Her new album just got released and she right away annouced her concert in San Francisco! What a delight to have her back in town.

We have been following ZOLA from the very beginning of her musical path. We met her and asked her a few questions. Read her story and go to the Cafe du Nord for her performance at the Claire George's EP release party.

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