The Midwife opened last Spring in France and we owe the movie's amazing casting to see it coming so quickly to our screens in San Francisco and the Bay.

With such a title, there was no way we could miss that French-Belgian movie, Lost in Paris, that opens in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Yann Arthus- Bertrand came to California to present HUMAN, his latest documentary, and WOMAN, the upcoming one. He met an enthusiastic audience in LA, SF, Menlo Park and Stanford. 

12 days, 12 pianos at the San Francisco Botanical Garden that becomes the city’s own outdoor concert hall and everyone is invited to play and listen.

In Moka, the latest movie by Swiss director Frédéric Mermoud, Nathalie Baye and Emmanuelle Devos give a tremendous performance.

Free Wine tasting and movies. Every Tuesday this summer starting June 6, 2017 FREE! The very chic, impressive, honourable Intercontinental Mark Hopkins offers a great movie program for the summer.

Currently available on Netflix, 5 French films to (re)discover on streaming. 

Laurent Le Gall has been living in the Bay Area for the last 20 years. Burning Man has become like a ritual, like a retreat to share thoughts and emotions. He directed and produced a serie of 8 short documentaries to document this overwhelming exprience.


Available on streaming on Netflix : 7 French movies that you maybe could not see when they were released in local theaters. Too often, they only remain for a week.

The Little Prince will be available on streaming on Netflix starting August 5, 2016. Such a great and sweet news! A bit of philosophy to share with the kids.

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