Acoté, the French clothing brand, chose San Francisco to open its first retail location in the US. Good choice! Thank you.



Acoté, created in 2004, is a brand of timeless clothing, focusing on basics, simple cuts with special prints. The brand embodies a free-spirited philosophy: nomadic and off center. It possesses a playful dichotomy, alternating elegantly between the urban and the rustic.



Contemporary, creative - the brand collaborates with promising young photographers like Theo Gosselin and Paul Arnaud, among others, with an active social presence promoting new artists and musicians.



Nice spirit that totally fits San Francisco's inclination



Acoté will now be available in San Francisco - the official opening is scheduled for Saturday, January 24, 2015 -  and joins the large family of French clothing brands represented in our dear city.




597 Hayes Street (@ Laguna Street)