6 French films not to be missed at the San Francisco International Film Festival




The highly anticipated San Francisco International Film Festival revealed its line up for its 60th edition. The Festival always offer a great selection of French movies. You won't be disappointed. We are not.. On the contrary!


Held each Spring for 15 days, the SFIFF (April 5 to 19, 2017) is an extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery and innovation. The selection is outstanding... as usual! And we love the French one... as usual.


Among them and to help you make a choice, here are the movies we really want to watch... And we are so excited that HEAL THE LIVING has been selected. The story is deeply moving and sends shivers down the spine with its lesson about love, life and death, tribute and respect. #inspiring




If there was only one film to watch, that would be that one. The novel has met a huge success when it got released in France. 

Three storylines come together in this complex tale of a teenage surfer on life support, a woman with an acute heart condition, and the medical staff who have devoted their lives to providing hope for the living by harvesting the organs of the dead. Tahar Rahim (from A Prophet, remember?) plays a beautiful part. He is Thomas Remige, the person at the hospital making organs donations possible, acceptable, with so much respect for the persons devastated by the death of loving ones.

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The latest movie by the Dardenne brothers. And the main actress is the stunning Adèle Haenel. Do you need any other reason to go? We don't:-)

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The latest film by Bertrand Bonello. His movie Saint Laurent was presented at the same festival 2 years ago. Be prepared fora a ''chilling, timely, and controversial'' drama.

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In the waning days of France’s military presence in Afghanistan, a planeful of French soldiers finishing a tour there are flown to the island of Cyprus, for a three-day recuperative stint of “sport, relaxation, and collective debriefing.”

This approach of military violence by 2 women (the movie was directed by Delphine Coulin and Muriel Coulin) with 2 women as main characters (one being interpreted by Soko, the French actress and singer you may have seen at the Rickshaw a few years ago. Actually, we have.) grasped our attention.

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A few days before we wrote this article, a Polish politician guy made himself clear at the EU Parlament : women are less intelligent, bright and clever than men... They allegedly (according to the same guy) did not invent anything! He should watch that movie. Definitely for him... #curiositykilledthecat #whataboutidiocy?

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The 400 coups belong to a distant past. and still, the French actor is brilliant and moving. The reviews in France when the movie got released are all honoring the performance of this great actor.

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Take a look by yourself...

... at the whole French selection. > here


... at the ''whole whole'' selection. > there



Movies will be showing in different venues such as the Castro Theeatre of course, the New Mission Theatre (Alamo Drafthouse), but also the Vogue Theatre, the Roxie Theater and and the Victoria in the  Mission... All the venues.





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