420 is officially legal in San Francisco !

420, it's April 20, at 4:20pm. Ok? You got the picture? And for the first time, it is officially legal... but does it really make a difference?


Before April 20, it is too early. And After... too late. Obvious, right? No impro for this allegedly kind of rebellious event. There are strict rules my friend, and there are supposed to be respected. Ok, ok, on Haight Street, it is a bit 420 24/7. But that's a different story.


If it is your first April 20 in San Francisco, you could be surprised...


Every year, a large crowd gathers in the Golden Gate Park on Hippie Hill (near the tennis courts, where drums beats resonate almost every week end like some 420 rehearsals) for a big, collective smoke out. Last year, about 8000 people roamed around the Golden Gate Park and Haight Street.


The de Young Museum will look like being par of it... with its Summer of Love Experience exhibition. That will definitely complete the experience and make it ultimate...


> Summer of Love Experience at the de Young Museum - Golden Gate Park 


It is neither legal nor illegal. Well... until last year. Now it is officially legal since Prop 64 was voted. It won't prevent the police from watching around though.


Pretty early in the morning, the crowd arrives as if heading to a gient picnic. Some people even carried a folding chair. Early birds to get the best spots of the show...


A few things to know... no cannabis will be sold at the event and you are supposed to18 or older to attend it. To make it simple, here are 2 readings we would recommend...


> 10 things you need to know about legalized pot in California.


And also the FAQ on 420hippiehill.com which details among other things do's and don'ts for 420 in San Francisco.


You most probably heard the story at housand times. We won't tell it once more. But here is a  video that gives a good vision.




And regarding the event itself, it has 2 main consequences for non-participating people... The traffic is just a nightmare all around the Park. Trust us. We have been stuck once! Take your bike, walk, roller blade, skate board, but forget about your car at least for the hour before and after 4:20pm. And you will think that the whole city is smoking considering the cannabis smell all over the neighborhoods surrounding the park. New very local exterior perfume!


We just hope everything will be fne.! #puff #puff #puff