2015 San Francisco Real Estate Market in a nutshell

To better anticipate 2016, we asked Misha Weidman to synthesize for us the main trends of San Francisco Real estate in 2015.


In San Francisco, real estate is most probably the hottest topic right now. Plenty of articles are published with sensational titles. But in the end, what do we really learn?


Misha Weidmanreal estate blogger, broker, and a regular contributor to LostinSF, gathered for us what we should retain from 2015. Here is the picture... and actually, it's a big picture!






San Francisco residential real estate recorded another year of double-digit appreciation last year.  Our Chief Market Analyst has been busy slicing and dicing the data every which-way, and has created over 20 charts that serve up the market from soup to nuts (which, is exactly how some people view it!).  You can experience the full meal at Paragon Real Estate Group’s main website.  I'm doing the prix fixe menu here for those with less time and/or appetite.


The Long View


We'll start with a long look back. The following chart is a simplified version of Case Shiller's closely-followed index for San Francisco Bay Area real estate covering 5 counties including San Francisco.  (The ''high price'' tier is the best proxy for homes in San Francisco proper.)



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Thanks a lot Misha for this detailed analysis. To read more about the real estate market events, development, evolution, trends, secrets...

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